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Lens regeneration using endogenous stem cells with gain of visual function

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

This is a very interesting article published in the “nature international weekly journal of science”

The repair and regeneration of tissues using endogenous stem cells represents an ultimate goal in regenerative medicine. To our knowledge, human lens regeneration has not yet been demonstrated. Currently, the only treatment for cataracts, the leading cause of blindness worldwide, is to extract the cataractous lens and implant an artificial intraocular lens. However, this procedure poses notable risks of complications. Here we isolate lens epithelial stem/progenitor cells (LECs) in mammals and show that Pax6 and Bmi1 are required for LEC renewal. We design a surgical method of cataract removal that preserves endogenous LECs and achieves functional lens regeneration in rabbits and macaques, as well as in human infants with cataracts. Our method differs conceptually from current practice, as it preserves endogenous LECs and their natural environment maximally, and regenerates lenses with visual function. Our approach demonstrates a novel treatment strategy for cataracts and provides a new paradigm for tissue       regeneration using endogenous stem cells.

To read more on this informative article please click on the following link:

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Aspirin Use and Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration: Is There A Link?

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014


Dr. Art Hister of Global T.V. morning news discusses the possible correlation  between the use of aspirin on a daily basis  and the increased risk of developing wet Age Related Macular Degeneration.  Most patients with a history of cardiac problems are advised to use a baby aspirin daily and for those patients the benefits well outweigh the risks.   This is an interesting article  and may provide some “food for thought” especially for those of us with a family history of ARMD who take aspirin  regularly as a preventative measure but  do not have a history of cardiac disease and/or have not been advised by our physician to take aspirin daily.

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Fireworks-Related Injuries Can Cause Permanent Vision Loss

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

clip_image002As Halloween approaches and the tradition of setting off fireworks is inevitable the chance of serious injury to revelers is always a concern.  A revealing article in the American Academy of Ophthalmology gives a clear picture of the perils of using fireworks especially if the participants do not take appropriate precautions.  Serious injury to the limbs and the eyes (including corneal abrasions, the development of traumatic cataracts and retinal detachments) can occur and are unfortunately all to commonplace.  There are however safety precautions, which can be followed to greatly reduce the risk of injury

For some great advice on making Halloween “pop” and keeping  it safe click on the following link

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IN THEORY; Aging of Eyes Is Blamed for Range of Health Woes

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Article by : By LAURIE  TARKAN

Published in the New York Times on February 20th, 2012


Teyecharthe aging eye filters out blue light, affecting circadian rhythm and health in older adults.


Dr. Martin Mainster and Dr. Patricia Turner, University of Kansas School of Medicine.

This group of researchers  have been studying how the aging of our eyes can affect different aspects of our health as we grow older.  This interesting body of research reveals that aging of the eyes can possibly exacerbate the process of developing common aging problems such as memory loss, slower reaction time, problems sleeping and depression.  They believe that, as we age, the lenses in our eyes gradually yellow, and the pupils narrow allowing less sunlight into the eye lens that reaches key cells in the retina, which,  inturn, regulates our bodies internal clock.

Read more on this facinating new research on the New York Times Website and find out ways in which you can keep your eyes healthy.

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The Glaucoma Foundation Announces A New Focus on Exfoliation Syndrome

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

eye with glaucomaimagesThe Glaucoma Foundation  announced recently that they have sharpened their  focus on coming up with a cure for exfoliation syndrome or XFS, which is the leading cause of open angle glaucoma and the most important cause of complications during routine cataract surgery.  Exfoliation syndrome is a systemic age-related disease, identified by the production and gathering of a whitish material in both ocular and non-ocular tissue. Exfoliation Syndrome affects approximately 80 million people worldwide. 

Since its founding by Dr. Robert Ritch in 1984, The Glaucoma Foundation (TGF) has been funding groundbreaking glaucoma research, primarily in the areas of neuroprotection and genetics, providing a platform for large research projects now led by the National Institutes of Health as well as the pharmaceutical industry.    The Glaucoma Foundation is now concentrating a good part of its substantial resourses on a finding a cure and states that  “TGF believes that it is time to direct our research efforts toward curing the various glaucomas, with the present focus on exfoliation syndrome,” says TGF president Scott Christensen. “All our efforts, including our prestigious Annual Think Tank and our research grant program, will be consistent with that goal.”


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